Scheduled Chat / July 31, 2014 / by Nowtalk, a blog about Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, is hosting a trivia contest on their Nowtalk chat, today at 1 pm EST.

The winner will receive a free pair of movie tickets to Marvel’s upcoming film courtesy of Fandango.

GuardTheGalaxy is a community for comic book fans to engage with each other about all things Marvel comics, especially Guardians of the Galaxy.

This is an interesting use case of Nowtalk, showing that our chat application can be used for both giveaways and trivia contests to increase user engagement and brand awareness.


So, you’re a web publisher or blogger just being introduced to Nowtalk’s group chat and IMing web application for the first time. You likely haven’t seen social group chat on many websites- it’s not exactly a common feature around the internet, at least not yet.

You may have encountered ‘live help’ chat, a customer-relationship management tool that enables 1-on-1 live chat sessions with customer support representatives on websites- but those chats are for support rather than discussing content and socializing in groups.


You might be thinking, what’s the point of adding live chat to my website if I’m not offering “customer support” to my readers?  How would adding a social group chat to my site add value to my web property?

Here are five ways:

1) User Engagement

Your content is the reason your readers visit your website or blog, that much is obvious.  That doesn’t change the fact that readers will inevitably leave your site to consume content elsewhere. You can’t blame them for leaving the second they finish reading- what else is there for someone to do on your website without new content to absorb?  Time is a scarce resource on the internet, one that all publishers compete for.

That’s where Nowtalk comes in.  Live chat keeps users on your website after they’ve finished your content by enabling them to engage in back-and-forth conversations with both you and each other.  As advertisers become more focused on how long their ads are in view rather than clicks or pageviews, user engagement metrics are increasing in importance. Simply put, advertisers are becoming more attracted to publications with readers that spend time on their sites and therefore, more time viewing their ads. Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile explains the value of user engagement to advertisers in an article for Time.

2) Build Community

We won’t pretend that plopping a chat on your web publication will magically build a community on your site overnight.  Online communities are built by people, not technology.  However, Nowtalk is a powerful tool that can help expedite the community-building process.  It’s both simple and effective- your regular readers along with new visitors can instantly jump into the chat to discuss your latest content on both desktop and mobile devices at any time.  This makes your community more accessible to those who might not normally participate in online discourse and it helps foster more connections between your readers.

Emphasizing the importance of your community results in increased user-retention.  The more time users spend engaged on your site, the likelier they are to return.  Users return to websites not only for content, but for the conversation around that content.  Nowtalk keeps the conversation on your site rather than users gravitating towards social media.  Your readers can still sign in and chat with their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin accounts if they want to identify themselves with social media in your community.

If your web property already has a strong community, Nowtalk can be used as an instant line of communication between community members.  Our chat complements forums and commenting systems as a more dynamic, realtime alternative.

3) Know Your Readers

How well do you know your readership?  You probably have analytics about your website’s traffic and visitor behavior, which provide valuable insight regarding how many people are accessing your site and what pages they visit.  Another way of understanding your readers is to do it the old-fashioned way- reach out and talk to them.  It may sound oversimplified, but popping in and chatting with your readers while they’re visiting is as direct of a connection you can make.  They’ll usually tell you what’s on their mind if you ask.

Social media is an effective way to connect with your readers, but back-and-forth live chat conversations provide a level of intimacy and casualness that posts don’t.   Connecting with your readership in realtime leads to more grateful users and fans, passionate individuals that will help your brand grow.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend your entire day lurking in your chat and waiting for readers.  Most of the time, your readers will likely be chatting with each other.  You can read transcripts of your chat history to see what your community likes to talk about and also use our analytics dashboard to keep track of how many users are browsing your site daily.

4) Bring Your Site to Life

Nowtalk helps make your website feel more interactive by indicating user presence and framing your website as a social destination. By opening the chat’s userlist, you can see who else is browsing the site with you and whether or not they are active or idle. Nobody is monitoring your use of the website, but you can get a sense of how many people are reading with you and jump into a live conversation at your discretion. There is a fine line between interactive and invasive, we think live text chat skirts this line. Video chat requires too much of your attention, while it’s easy to multi-task and participate in multiple Nowtalk chats.

It helps to think of your website as a social venue- a place to spend time  in addition to reading.  Your users will think of your site as a place to consume new content and interact with others, rather than only the former.

5) Free, Quick, Easy, Optional

Ok, these are four reasons.  We cheated a bit, but they are grouped together because they are self-explanatory and straight-forward.

a) Nowtalk is free for up to 50 simultaneous users at a time.  If you have more traffic, we might still be able to offer you a free chat depending on server space.  Let us know, we’ll be happy to make accommodations- we’ve hosted chats with hundreds of users before.

b) Nowtalk takes 1 minute to install.  We have a plugin for sites and are compatible with Tumblr and Blogger.  Any HTML website works- sign up for Nowtalk on and follow the simple instructions.

c) Nowtalk is easy to pick up with it’s familiar user experience.  We’ve all used chat and messaging applications on the internet.   There isn’t much of a learning curve- visitors can simply jump in and start chatting upon seeing it.

d) Nowtalk is optional for your users.   It can start off in minimized state on your website.  If the chat starts off in open state and a user is uninterested, they can simply minimize or close the chat.   Internet users are aware that user-generated comments are just that, generated by your users- not you.  Easy to participate and just as easy to get out of your way.

There you have it.  We see social group chat becoming a standard on web properties across a more engaging internet, one where more of us experience the web together while still maintaining our privacy.

Help us make the internet more interactive by enabling your readers with Nowtalk.  Sign up for free on and contact us for support.

Adding a free Nowtalk chat to any HTML website should take no longer than one minute.   We’ll prove it.  Follow these steps to embed Nowtalk onto your site:

Step 1: visit on a desktop browser, type your URL into the “Type Your Website’s URL” field,  then click the gray “Preview Nowtalk on Your Site” button.
estimated time-  10 seconds

Step 2:
  Once your preview has loaded, click the orange “Create My Free Chat” button.   Note that this will not immediately place the chat on your website.
estimated time- 8 secondsregistration2

If the preview of your website does not load, that in no way indicates that your website isn’t compatible with Nowtalk, it just means we can’t generate an image of your website for the preview.  To proceed, skip the preview by clicking the “Skip Preview and Create my Free Chat” button.

Step 3: Create a Nowtalk account or sign in if you already have an account.
estimated time- 15 secondsregistration3

Step 4
: Choose your platform, in this case- Universal/HTML.   Select and copy the code in text field.
estimated time- 5 secondsregistration4

Step 5
: Paste the code into your HTML page, after the <head> tag.
estimated time- 5 seconds (+ 15 seconds for opening your HTML editor)registration5

total estimated time- 58 seconds

That’s it, you did it.  Nowtalk should now appear on the bottom right corner of your desktop and mobile website.  If you’d like to host chats with more than 50 users or encounter any issues with your chat, please contact us here.    We’ll respond within 24 hours on business days.

To edit your chat and view your transcripts, log in to and click the “My Chats” option in the top right corner menu under your username.  Find your chat, then click “edit” to adjust your settings.

Happy chatting.

Just like our chat for desktop browsers, Nowtalk on mobile browsers is entirely web-based and doesn’t require any downloads.  Your website visitors can chat live on your mobile website using both iOS and Android devices.

Nowtalk mobile is conceptually similar to the desktop version.  The chat is located on the bottom right corner and hovers over your site as you scroll down.  We adjusted the user experience for mobile to account for limited real estate on mobile screens.

The mobile chat is represented by a red Nowtalk icon on the bottom right corner of your mobile page:


The icon tells you how many users are currently browsing the site, on both desktop and mobile versions combined.   If there was activity in the chat since you arrived at the site, the number of new messages made since your arrival is displayed in a yellow icon on the upper right corner of the Nowtalk icon.

Touching the icon slides out a “Join Chat” button:


Touching the “Join Chat” button opens the chat in another browser tab:


To return to the mobile site, simply press the X button on the top right corner of the chat and you should return to the mobile site instantly.

If Nowtalk mobile is not showing in your mobile browser, please contact us at  Some services such as Blogspot require an extra step to activate the mobile version of the chat.

Nowtalk enables your users to engage each other and build community on your site, on any device.


Company / May 3, 2014 / by Nowtalk

What is Nowtalk?  Good question.  There are several answers:

A Tool
Nowtalk is a web-based, social group chat and private messaging application that web publishers can embed onto their websites, enabling visitors to engage in live chat conversations about their content as they read it.   See it in action on the bottom right corner of this blog, on either a desktop or mobile device.   Users can chat on Nowtalk with their social media accounts or create a Nowtalk account in seconds. Nowtalk is free, requires no downloads and takes less than a minute to install.  We envision a live chat venue on every website becoming the new standard in a more interactive internet.

A Platform
Nowtalk is more than a chatting application, it’s a network of live conversations across the internet.  We hope to leverage our network of chats to instantly connect users that want to chat about the same topics and content, at the same time.  It should take seconds to find one or many live conversation partners that are reading or viewing the same article, interested in chatting about the same niche topic, seeking live advice and expertise, or experiencing the same live event.  We hope to provide a channel for such instantly gratifying connections as our network of chats continues to grow.

A Company
Nowtalk is also the name of our company.  Why did we name it Nowtalk?  Our focus is instantly connecting users that want to talk about the same things, right now.  Also, chatting about breaking news or ongoing events could be considering talking about now.  See what we did there?  One thing it’s not: a demand.  Otherwise we’d be “Now- talk!”  Nowtalk is the preferred nomenclature, dude.

Our overarching goal as a product, platform, and company is to make web browsing a more engaging, interactive experience.  To achieve this, we are offering Nowtalk to web publishers, bloggers, or anyone with a website, for free.

We don’t place ads on your chat or sell your or your users’ data.   Our motive is to simply provide you with value.  We want to help publishers keep the conversation around their content where it belongs- on their site.  In return, you are providing us with value by helping our network of conversations grow.  Together, we can build a more engaging internet.  

Nowtalk takes under a minute to add to your site.   The free version has a 50 user capacity- meaning up to 50 users can engage in live conversation on your site at the same time.  To get started, click the “Sign Up” button on the top right corner of this page.  Feel free to Nowtalk with us and other users on the bottom right corner of this page.

If you have any questions or need help getting started, please drop us a line at

What is Nowtalk?

  1. 1. A free, social group chat application for your desktop and mobile website.
  2. 2. A network of chats and live conversations across the internet.

Try out Nowtalk on the bottom right corner of this page.

Bring your site to life with a free live chat community. Takes one minute to install.

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